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Customized Training. Improved Conditioning. Peak Performance. Zephyr Performance Systems.

The coach asks, “How will this help win games?” The athletic trainer asks, “How can this prevent injuries and get players back on the field quicker?” And the strength coach asks, “How can I get my players to perform at their peak?”

There is one answer to all these questions: Zephyr™ Performance Systems.

Measuring physiological parameters and biomechanical movements can also help you answer these questions:

  • Is the athlete performing at peak level?
  • Is the athlete over-training or under-training?
  • Can I modify my training specific to practices versus games?
  • Can I prevent injuries or reinjuries?

Because better-conditioned athletes can lead to fewer injuries, great results, and more wins.

How Elite Athletes Get That Way: The Benefits Of Performance Monitoring

By tracking key metrics with sophisticated wearable technology, Zephyr™ Performance Systems lets strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, sports scientists, and on-field coaches:

  • Measure the effectiveness of training regimes over time. Determine preseason. Track results during the season and in pre- and post-seasons. Analyze technique with advanced accelerometry utilities that measure explosiveness, rate of force development, and strike time.
  • Quantify subjective measurements. Gain insight to detect how hard athletes are training.
  • Optimize rehabilitation. Quantify intensities and loads during training sessions. Simulate game-day situations and monitor workloads to reduce the risk of further injury.

A Single Solution. A Range Of Applications.

Zephyr™ Performance Systems gives coaches an inside look at what most people thought the human body couldn’t do. It provides a single solution that measures, streams, and logs a variety of physiological and biomechanical data. Measure and analyze both teams and individuals — up to 100 athletes at a time — using the market-leading BioModule technology with OmniSense software.

A customized and tailored approach to training leads to optimal results. So you can consistently achieve maximum performance.

  • OmniSense Live software

    Real-time data on athletes lets you:

    • Record and analyze conditioning, effort, stress, and exertion
    • Use physiological and biomechanical output to help players close the gaps
    • View intensities and loads
    • Customize speed zones and training zones
    • Track specific individuals
  • OmniSense Analysis software

    Create reports and comparisons of athletes so you can:

    • Help fine-tune practices to achieve individual and team goals
    • Customize reports in summary spreadsheets, radar plots, and bar graphs
    • Export data in .csv and DADiSP formats for MatLab and LabView

What It Measures. How It Works.

Take a closer look at the nearly two dozen physiological and biomechanical parameters — based on six inputs — collected by Zephyr™ Performance Systems.

Benefits That Are Impossible To Ignore.

Here’s why the Zephyr™ family of performance products is the top choice for many professional and collegiate athletic teams.

Garments. Sensors. Display. Communication.

The Zephyr™ Performance Systems include garments, sensors, display capabilities, and communication devices, along with robust software.

Spotlight on BioModule compact physiological monitoring module

The BioModule compact physiological monitoring module enables the capture and transmission of comprehensive physiological data on the wearer via mobile and fixed data networks. It enables genuine remote monitoring of human performance and condition in the real world.

Here’s a look at the key product features and specifications:

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