Just Play: Zone Read Y Pop

X’s & O’s: Zone Read Y Pop

This Zone Read Y Pop comes from the 2019 Big 12 Championship Game. Early in the 3rd quarter of that game, Oklahoma ran this Pop Pass out of a Diamond set. This play is great for any zone-read team as a complement for any Zone Read Arc or Slice, whether it’s single or double. It’s simple because nothing changes for anyone except the quarterback and Y receiver. The Y just bluffs and slips the defender he would normally block.

QBRead EMOLS for the give or pull read. If you get a pull read eyes on the S for the Y Pop read
RBZone Read Track
FArc release to flat route
YSlice release to Y Pop
Zblock man on MOR vs Press
Xblock man on MOR vs Press
PSTDouble with PSG to over hang
PSGDouble with PST to over hang
CDouble the nose to the PSLB with the BSG
BSGDouble the nose to the PSLB with the Center
BSTFree release to the BSLB if DE crosses your face into the B gap block the DE

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