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X’s & O’s: Zone Read Wrap

This Zone Read Wrap adds yet another wrinkle to your Zone Read game. The quarterback’s read is the defensive end. If the end squeezes down, the quarterback pulls the ball. If the end comes upfield or stays put, then the quarterback gives to the T-back.

QBRead the E. If he squeezes down pull. If he goes up field or stays put give it.
TInside Zone footwork cut of double team.
HWrap around the read (E) expect to block scraping LB. Must avoid the read.
PSTZone steps and Inside drive E
PSGZone steps and Inside drive E
CDouble with BSG to PSLB. 1st step must be call side to protect A-Gap run through.
BSGZone steps and Double with C to the PSLB
BSTZone steps secure B back and work to LB

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