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X’s & O’s: Zone Read 3 Tech

This play is a great change-up for your zone read game and is also a great way to isolate a good 3 tech by putting him in a position he isn’t used to. This play must be run away from the 3 tech, so when you install this Zone Read 3 Tech, make sure you have checks for three-down front and a opposite call for four-down to make sure you are running it to the correct side.

QBRead 3 Tech
RBRun outside zone track
YArc for 1st in the alley
ZBlock man on
FBypass to safety
XBlock man on
PSGDouble with Center to PSLB
CReach Nose to PSLB with PSG
BSGSplit 3 tech to BSLB
BSTBlock out of DE

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  1. Really like this concept, especially the ability to take this to a 2nd and 3rd level read. Key to this is to make the zone stretch work!!

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