Just Play: Outside Zone Two Back

X’s & O’s: Two Back Outside Zone

Two Back Outside Zone is a great quick hitting perimeter run with a lead back for protection and to gain numbers to the play side. It uses fast zone blocking to stretch the line of scrimmage, always looking for seams in the defense. The keys to the Two Back Outside Zone play include:

  • Running back reads the defensive end.
    • If the defensive end is reached, bounce the run.
    • If the defensive end is up the field, bend under him and get back outside.
    • If the defensive end is stretching the play, stick your foot in the ground and bang it under him.
  • This play should be a single cut by the running back.
QBOpen, Crossover, Reach. It is important to get the ball to the RB as quick and deep as possible.
RBLead step to outside let of the TE. Key is end man on the line of scrimmage.
TEPST covered and TE Covered read. PST uncovered and TE covered double to 1st LB or Safety in the Box.
ZBlock Man on
FBBlock strong support
PSTCovered base reach. Uncovered double with TE
PSGCovered base reach. Uncovered possible double with PST
CCovered base reach. Covered double with BSG to second LB in the Box. Uncovered possible double with PSG
BSGBacks Side A Gap. Reach or Climb
BSTBack Side B Gap. Reach or Climb

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