Just Play Sports Solutions: Tunnel Screen

X’s & O’s: Tunnel Screen

In this Tunnel Screen, the H lines up to the wide side of the field. After the snap, he breaks back toward the quarterback to catch an immediate pass. The Y and Z will serve as blockers, and along with the right guard and the right tackle, create a tunnel through which the Y advances the ball.

QBFake Hand off and throw to H
TFake inside Zone
YBlock Defender over H. Don't make contact to early.
HVertical hard for 3 steps then work back to LOS. Run off wall set up by OL.
ZStalk C
RTBlock inside zone
RGBlock inside zone
CBlock inside zone for 3 steps the work to second level.
LGBlock inside zone for 3 steps the work to second level looking for alley runner.
LTBlock inside zone for 3 steps the work defender over #3

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