Just Play Sports Solutions: Triple Option

X’s & O’s: Triple Option

The Triple Option featured here is your basic look against a 3-4, 4-3, and 4-4, and like other Triple Option plays, it uses misdirection to move the ball. Overall, it’s a play based on the option run, but it uses three players instead of two players to intensify misdirection.

Triple Option vs 3-4
Triple Option vs 3-4

Triple Option vs 4-3
Triple Option vs 4-3

Triple Option vs 4-4
Triple Option vs 4-4

QBGain width with drop step to call side. Read#1 Squeeze Pull, Flat foot or widens Give. Attack LOS and Read #2 make him commit to you then pitch. If he widens for pitch run alley.
BStep to inside hip of PSG. Stay low, big pocket and roll over ball. Get tackled if Pulled
ATriple Motion; Run 5 ydr high looking for pitch
CBypass to VS 4-3 load release for Safety; VS 3-4 load release for Safety; VS 4-4 load release for PS inside LB to FS
PSTVS 4-3 easiest release to M;VS 3-4 Outside release to PS inside LB to backside Safety; VS 4-4 Veer Release for PS inside LB to FS
PSGPush VS 4-3 Double with C to M;VS 3-4 Base LB Head Up; VS 4-4 Covered Drive Block Uncovered Double with C to BS inside LB
CVS 4-3 Double with PSG to M; VS 3-4 Tight Scoop; VS 4-4 Shade Double with PSG to BS inside LB Uncovered protect gap work to BS inside LB
BSGVS 4-3 Gap threat scoop, No Gap threat work to BSLB; VS 3-4 Tight Scoop to Gap Threat; VS 4-4 Gap threat scoop, No Gap threat work to BSLB
BSTVs 4-3 Scoop; Vs 3-4 Scoop; VS 4-4 Scoop

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