Just Play Sports Solutions: Trap Option

X’s & O’s: Trap Option

In today’s era of spread-em-out football, nothing can surprise a defense more than a good-old-fashioned Trap Option play to keep defenses honest. At the same time, great blocking and hard running can turn this nuts-and-bolts play into big gains when you need them most.

QBOpen away from number call. Fake Hand off. Reverse out. Option off #2.
FJ step, working to backside hip of the center. Fake Hand off. Attack play side hip of PSG. Get tackled.
TMotion for pitch relationship. Maintain pitch relationship 4x1 with the QB all the way down the field, always expecting the ball to be pitched.
XPush Crack
PSTInside release to seal BS ILB; Vs. 3, double with PSG to BS ILB. Vs. odd, wash B-Gap defender.
PSGBlock defender head up to inside gap; Vs. 3, double with PST to BS ILB; Vs. 0, double with PSG to BS ILB
CBlock back on 1st defender backside; Vs. 0, double with PSG to BS ILB
BSGPull and log #1. If #1 washes, wrap for ILB
BSTScoop B-Gap to BSLB

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Check Out East Carolina’s Trap Option Offense Below (1988)

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