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X’s & O’s: Throwback Screen [Orbit Motion]

This misdirection play is good against fast-flow teams. The quarterback needs to sell the swing screen to the orbit motion back, and pivot and throw accurately to the running back. The linemen need to work on the timing of their screen release. The X receiver has a big block in this play.

QBSell ball fake to Orbit, retreat one-step, turn to F and deliver accurate screen pass.
FOpposite A gap path, slip parallel, behind line of scrimmage, landmark 4 yards outside C gap, turning head to QB.
ZStalk block Corner.
XCarry Corner vertically (Man Coverage), peel off and block.
HStalk (Seal) Sam (or Nickel).
TPre-snap Orbit motion, sell screen opposite flat.
CWill alert, No blitz A gap, ‘Thousand one” count release for a spring block 2nd/3rd level.
PSGPass set/block 3 Tech (B gap).
PSTPass set/block 5 Tech (C gap).
BSGSecure Backside A gap – Pass set.
BSTSecure Backside C gap – Pass set.

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