Just Play: Sucker Play

X’s & O’s: Sucker Play

The Sucker passing play is similar to the Dagger concept. You are getting the vertical and the dig from the Dagger concept but you add in a Hitch by number 2 to get the Sucker concept. The Vertical route clears out space for the Dig. While the Hitch occupies the underneath coverage while creating a natural rub as well.

QBVs zone wait for H to clear out zone past the Curl then find Z as he clears the Curl. Vs peak Verts then look to Z on the natural pick with Y
TCheck release.
YHitch 7 yards
ZDig Must get inside release. Vs Zone find hole past the hitch. Vs man use hitch as natural pick.
LTBig on Big
LGBig on Big
CCheck for blitzer then help G's
RGBig on Big
RTBig on Big

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