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X’s & O’s: Stick Draw RPO

The Stick Draw RPO is one of the most popular RPOs in the game of football. This play is much like other RPOs in that it runs through the same progression.

You don’t need to alter your offensive philosophy to include the Stick Draw RPO, and because most offenses have this concept installed, you don’t need to spend tons of practice time repping it. Just add your run option to it, develop your mesh between quarterback and running back, and work on the quarterback’s footwork to make sure he releases the football on the first step off the mesh.

Check out these X’s & O’s on the Stick Draw RPO.

QB1-step drop and looks to throw the Stick to Y. If the Mike expands to Y hand off to the B.
BFour big steps to call side. Redirect and take draw handoff if ball has not been thrown.
PSTBig on Bin, force outside rush.
PSGSet to Shade and work to 1st LB backside with C.
CJab-Hinge, work to 1st LB backside with PSG.
BSGBig on Bin, force outside rush.
BSTBig on Bin, force outside rush.


X’s & O’s diagrams are built using Just Play, a digital playbook and player learning platform designed to help teams better prepare to win. For more football-specific content and plays from Just Play Sports Solutions, follow @JustPlayFB and join the conversation today. 

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