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X’s & O’s: Split Zone

Split Zone is a great play meant to look like zone read to freeze the defensive end for a kick out block from the tight end or fullback.

QBOpen at 45 degree angle to RB with eyes on DE
YKick out end man on the line of scrimmage. Aiming Point heels of backside OG
FBlock inside number of ally defender
XBlock man on 2 High, run off 1 high
ZPush Crack
RBOpen to QB press the 1st down lineman play side
PSTBlock Man On
PSGCovered base drive possible work with center to the point LB
CVs 4 down 6 man box: Point play side LB, Zone A gap to Point - Vs 4 down 7 man box point MLB, Zone A gap to Point
BSGCovered base drive, possible double team with BST - Uncovered double with Center to point LB
BSTVs Uncovered BSG zone B Gap to BSLB - Vs Covered BSG double with BSG to BSLB - Vs Man on Man Outside Lock on DE

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