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X’s & O’s: Smoke/Pop Gap RPO

One goal with our Smoke/Pop Gap RPO is to put certain defenders in conflict so they have to make a quick decision to defend the run or the pass. Our subsequent goal is to keep things simple to play fast. This is an example of a play that does just that. Check out these X’s & O’s.

QBOpen away from call and mesh with A. If Mike fills, pull and throw vern or smoke based off R movement. If Mike scrapes, give to B back.
BJ step away from call. Soft mesh allowing the QB to be able to pull the ball. If the ball is pulled carry out fake.
YPop route. Release for width, anticipate ball quick as you reach 2nd level.
HBlock MDM for smoke.
ZRun smoke. Expect the ball.
XChoice route.
PSTInside drive block End
PSGBlock back on 1st defender backside.
CBlock back on 1st defender backside.
BSGBlock back on 1st defender backside.
BSTPull for 1st ISLB call side.

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X’s & O’s diagrams are built using Just Play, a digital playbook and player learning platform designed to help teams better prepare to win. For more football-specific content and plays from Just Play Sports Solutions, follow @JustPlayFB and join the conversation today. 

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