Just Play: Smash 3x1

X’s & O’s: Smash 3×1

The smash concept is one of the top passing concepts in all of football because it is simple and effective against a variety of coverages. Two main elements exist within the smash concept:

  1. The inside receiver runs a corner route.
  2. The outside receiver runs a quick hitch.

For the quarterback, the read is a progression read, as outlined below.

Z6 yd Hitch
YCorner break at 8-10 yds
HSeam vs 2 High look; Dig at 14 vs 1 High Look
TAngle 3-4 yds, release outside of TE hip
QBVs 1 High look High low Playside LB with Dig/Angle; Vs 2 High look Corner/Seam Near Safety

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