Just Play Sports Solutions: Shovel Sprint Out

X’s & O’s: Shovel Sprint Out

The Shovel Sprint Out is a unique play and wouldn’t necessarily fit into every offense, but it can have devastating effect. It starts with the QB reading the defensive end. If he widens, the QB shovels to the T. But if the end squeezes, the QB sprints out and reads his No. 2 receiver. The play takes off from there. If nothing materializes, the QB can either sprint out or throw the ball away.

QBRead the E; If he widens shovel to T. If he squeezes continue to sprint out and read #2. If #2 drops to curl throw speed out. If #2 jumps out throw hits. Nothing there run or throw away.
TShovel path
YSpeed Out
XPost get FS attention
HCut off E
PSTDouble T with PSG to M
PSGDouble T with PST to M
CBlock back on first DL backside
BSGPull for play side LB
BSTBackside S LB


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