Just Play Sports Solutions: Zone Blitz

X’s & O’s: Shock Zone Blitz

This Shock Zone Blitz adds a wrinkle that brings five while positioning the FS to pick up the H Back and drops the WS into coverage. This puts enormous pressure on the W linebacker to cover the Seam/Flat, but done correctly, this blitz puts the quarterback into a position where he must make a quick decision or face the consequences.

Call E5 Slant to A gap
Call T2i Slant to opposite A gap
Away T2i Slant to B gap
Away EContain
FSSet direction of blitz with Right/Left call (Go to pass strenght). Call to SS Spin down to Seam/Flat to strength; Call away from SS Rotate to middle 1/3
SSCall to SS Edge Blitz; Call away from SS Seam Flat
WSCall to SS rotate to middle 1/3; Call away from SS spin to outside deep 1/3
Field CAlways Deep 1/3
Boundary CCall to SS Deep 1/; Call away from SS Blitz
MAlways 3R
WAlways Seam Flat

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