X’s & O’s: SCISSORS – Gun Wing Right

SCISSORS – Gun Wing Right is a great shot play. It creates a situation in which the Z and H overlap, forcing the defense to choose which receivers get covered on the fly. Check out these X’s & O’s.

QBHit H down the near hash on the HR Post. Vs. Cover 3 hit the X on the 9 route.
TIf no blitz run a SPOT at 5 yards.
FYou are HOT.
HBe patient – push vertical reading the 5 Man – once he breaks to the corner break skinny down the hash underneath him.
ZRun 12 yards stepping on the safeties toes the best you can – and break to the deep corner.
XRun 9 route – expect the ball vs. Cover 3.

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  1. Throwing the go route against a cover 3 corner? We can do better than that…maybe if we have Randy Moss its automatic.

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