Just Play: Rocket Toss

X’s & O’s: Rocket Toss

The Rocket Toss is a modified sweep play that attacks the edge with speed. Designed to reach the edge very quickly, the Rocket Toss is especially useful when the defense overloads the box or blitzes. Inside-out help and linebacker pursuit are thrown out the window, leaving fewer defenders out on the edge to track down a ball carrier in full sprint. This play is great for short-yardage and goal-line situations.

QBReverse out and pitch to A then carry out boot fake.
AToss motion through heels of B, Get flat and receive toss.
BKick out backside EMLOS.
CFlare for Corner.
XPush Crack near Safety.
ZCut off backside Safety.
PSTVeer in and U-Block, look ILB to Safety.
PSGPull in alley and block PSLB.
CSpeed scoop.
BSGSpeed scoop.
BSTSpeed scoop.

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