Just Play - Tight End Throwback

X’s & O’s: Purdue Tight End Throwback

Here’s an outstanding bootleg tight end throwback from the great coaches at Purdue. On top of being a really well-designed play, it features fake outside zone where the running back continues on a Wheel Route. The left guard pulls for protection on the bootleg. It all adds up to a tight end delay throwback. Tough to beat when executed well.

QBFake Outside Zone, Boot away, throwback to Y
TFake Outside Zone convert to Wheel
XOver Route, Inside release
YBlock Outside one for 3 count convert to Drag
LTFake Outside zone for 2 steps protect zone side gap
LGPull for boot protection
CFake Outside zone for 2 steps protect zone side gap
RGFake Outside zone for 2 steps protect zone side gap
RTFake Outside zone for 2 steps protect zone side gap; don’t let him cross your face

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