Just Play: Power Shovel Read

X’s & O’s: Power/Shovel Read

Power Shovel Read is a great wrinkle to the power read. It is easy to install because the blocking is the same for the offensive line but the backfield is a very different look for the defense. By having the H as the inside run instead of the quarterback, the Power Shovel Read allows for a triple-option wrinkle.

QBGet flat and shovel off 1, option off 2.
TGet in 4x1 pitch path with QB. If ball is shoveled, carry out fake.
XStalk corner.
HBig step back, then come down hill at an angle expecting the shovel. If ball is kept or pitched, find work.
FSeal LB inside you are blocking for pitch. Work to PS Safety if LB is stuck inside.
ZStalk corner.
PSTVs 3 double with PSG to 1st LB over the Center to backside.
PSGVs 3 double with PST to 1st LB over the Center to backside.
CBlock back on 1st defender backside.
BSGPull and wrap looking OSLB to Mike.

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