Just Play Sports Solutions: Power Read - RPO Y Pop

X’s & O’s: Power Read – RPO Y Pop

This Run/Pass Option (RPO) is a read play based off the power blocking scheme. The quarterback reads the end man on the line of scrimmage (EMOL). If the defensive end is up-field, the quarterback pulls the ball and runs a power track. The real magic happens by pairing the play with Y Pop or other RPOs. Check out how Oklahoma ran the play against Texas for a big gain.

QBDrop step reading the DE. Look for Pop Pass.
RBJet sweep path/ possible pop pass.
ZBlock Man one.
FBypass to Safety.
YArc to alley bluff the ally defender snap eye to QB for Pop Pass.
XBackside cut off Safety.
PSTOG covered double to BSLB.
PSGCovered double to BSLB. Uncovered and Center covered double with Center to BSLB.
CCovered double to BSLB with PSG. Uncovered back block.
BSGPull to 1st LB in box.
BSTStab peal vs 3 tech or 4i. Back block vs anything else.

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