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X’s & O’s: Power 1 Back

This Power 1 Back play vs. 42 Over G is a downhill gap play that will create angle blocking; it’s an aggressive downhill strong side run.

Keys to this play:

  • Leave 1 unblocked second level player to the call side for puller.
  • Puller must hug the butts of the double team to the PSLB. The RB must set track to play side A gap and expand if needed following the puller.
QBOpen at 45 to RB hand off and carry out fake
RBLateral step to the call aiming point A gap. Follow the puller
YOff the ball J step to kick out the end man on line of scrimmage. On the ball base drive EMOLS
ZBlock man on
FBlock man on
XPush Crack
PSTOG covered double with PSG to BSLB - OG uncovered check for movement on track to BSLB
PSGCovered double with PST to BSLB - Uncovered block man A gap possible help from PST on movement
CBack block
BSGSkip pull on track hugging the double team to the PSLB
BSTVs 3 or 4i tech stab peal - Vs anything else block man on or outside

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