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X’s & O’s: Play-Action Smash T Vert

This Play-Action Smash is a great Cover 2 beater that only gets better with this wrinkle. If the defense is in 2-Man, the play-action fake causes the linebacker to set up allowing the running back to slip behind him. No matter if they are playing straight Cover 2 or 2-man, the safeties are occupied by the Corner Routes and will not be able to cover the running back down the middle.

If the defense does a good job of disguising Cover 3, you can always take the hitch before the curl/flat defender can get out there.

QBFake hand off to T. Look to a corner then hit T on Vert
TFake taking hand off. Find gap in line then get to middle of the field to split safeties.
XHitch 5 yds
YCorner break at 10 yds
HCorner break at 10 yds
ZHitch 5 yds
LTBig on Big with the E
LGVs 3 Big on Big; Vs inside technique double with C
CDouble inside technique with closes G
RGVs 3 Big on Big; Vs inside technique double with C
RTBig on Big with the E


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