Just Play: Play-Action Power Read

X’s & O’s: Play-Action Power Read

The Play-Action Power Read is basically a Power Pass with a Post/Wheel route. It’s a fantastic shot play. It can be used to take advantage of an over-aggressive safety or after you get the power to hit for a few nice gains. If the defense is still sitting back after hitting them with power, you can hit the “Now Screen” on the backside.

QBTake now screen if they are giving it to you. Peak the post to hold the FS throw the Wheel.
XNow Screen
YBlock most dangerous man for screen.
ZPost-Inside release to make look like crack block for 5 yards, vertical for 10 cut to post.
TFake power read then help secure the edge
PSTSecure B Gap; G will help vs 3 if no A Gap threat
PSGSecure A Gap; Vs 3 help T unless immediate threat to A Gap; Vs 1 you are by yourself.
CBlock back vs backside 3 you will get help from the BST
BSGPull and secure the edge
BSTSecure B-C Gap; Vs 3 Gap-Hinge to help C

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