Just Play: Counter Pass

X’s & O’s: Play-Action Counter Pass

This Play-Action Counter Pass can be an extremely effective play at many levels of the game. Once the quarterback sees the defense commit to stopping the counter, the quarterback hits the defense with the counter pass. This will likely work against man or zone coverages.

QBFake handoff and roll out strong gaining depth to 8 yards. Attack the L.O.S. and read Y-X 2. Run Option is there if nobody is open.
TFake counter and carry out fake mechanics. Keep the fake play side, do NOT cut back side.
HPull through the hole just like you would on counter.
XRun 12 yard Crossing route.
YAttack the flat defender as if you are trying to block him, and the speed cut out to the flat at 5 yards. If the flat defender blitzes, run the 1 route immediately.
Z20 yard comeback.

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