Philly Special

X’s & O’s: Philly Special

Perhaps the most talked-about play in Super Bowl LII, Philly Special is a trick play designed to get the quarterback into the flat to receive a pass. In the Philadelphia Eagles’ version of the play, it starts with Trips Bunch Left and ends with a spectacular fourth-down catch by quarterback Nick Foles for the touchdown and a 10-point lead over the New England Patriots headed into the half.

QBPretend to change the play, pause behind OT, pause for a count after snap, run to flat
TTake snap, run stretch, and pitch to H
X1 Step Slant
YWham path seal edge
HReverse path, catch pitch from T, pass to wide open QB in flat
PSTReach block; you are running outside zone
PSGReach block; you are running outside zone
CReach block; you are running outside zone
BSGReach block; you are running outside zone
BSTReach block; you are running outside zone

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