Outside Zone Read BAM

X’s & O’s: Outside Zone Read BAM

This Outside Zone Play gives you a lead block to the front side linebacker while reading the back side end man on line of scrimmage (EMOLS). It allows the linemen to only worry about reaching the defensive linemen.

QBOpen away from the call step back and read the backside EMOLS
RBOutside Zone Track possible cutback. Read the PST Block for cutback
YBest path to the MLB
ZBlock alley defender
FBlock man on
XBlock man on
PSGVs 3 tech reach/ Vs 2i Double with Center to BSLB
CDouble near defender to BSLB
BSGVs 3 tech block back/ Vs 2i or shade double with Center to BSLB
BSTReach the first player to the call side

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