Just Play: Outside Zone Bend Back

X’s & O’s: Outside Zone Bend Back

The Outside Zone Bend Back is a nice twist on outside zone and a great compliment for a team that runs a lot of outside zone with a lead blocker. The key to this play is to sell outside zone hard to get the defense to flow over the top and seal them to the play side.

QBOpen to the call side. Hand ball and boot away.
RBOutside zone track and path for 3 steps and bend back, following the lead block.
FOutside zone track for 2 steps and bend back for BSLB.
YBlock MDM
ZBlock MDM
XBlock Man On
PSTOutside zone blocking
PSGOutside zone blocking
COutside zone blocking
BSGOutside zone blocking, pinning defender to the play side
BSTReverse Reach the DE

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