Just Play Sports Solutions: Outside 1 Peel

X’s & O’s: Outside 1 Peel From Cover 1

In this Outside 1 Peel out of a Cover 2 Shell, the nickel and middle linebacker blitz, with the strong safety coming up to meet the Y receiver. This Outside 1 Peel should surprise a lot of offenses if your defensive backs have speed, even the offense is running an up-tempo play.

E away from Blitz
Run 1st C-Gap; Pass drop for RB
NSlant opposite A-gap
TSlant B-gap

E to the Blitz
Slant A-gap
MBlitz B-gap off of E stunt
NBlitz off the edge and peel if the RB swings.
RMan up #2
SSReplace blitzer man up #2
FSRoll to middle of the field
CMan up #1
CMan up #1

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