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X’s & O’s: Midline Play

The Midline play can easily be defined as the primary “up-the-middle” concept for an offense. The most basic type of Midline play is a double-option between the quarterback and the B-back. The B-back looks to dive right over the center or to the left or right of the center’s butt cheek. The quarterback looks to attack playside to the B-gap.

QBGet off midline read first defender outside 2i
BMidline path. You are responsible for mesh
AInside footwork get hip to hip with PST. You are responsible for outside defender
CDot the I and get down hill quick through B gap. Looking for safety but don't pass up off color
ZCut off BS safety
PSTInside footwork blocking first defender outside read on LOS. Don't let him go inside.
PSGVeer for first LB A gap to backside. Blocking for dive.
CBlock backside A gap defender
BSGGo through B gap to BSLB
BSTGap-Hinge. Vs 4/4i Scoop.

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