Just Play Sports Solutions: Loop Load Triple Option

X’s & O’s: Loop Load Triple Option

This triple option is unique with the tackle and slot changing blocking responsibilities. The Loop Load Triple Option is a great way to keep the defense on its toes with blocks coming from different places.

QBGain width with drop step to call side. Read #1 Squeeze Pull, Flat foot or widens Give. Attack LOS and Read #2 make him commit to you then pitch. If he widens for pitch run alley.
BStep to inside hip of PSG. Stay low, big pocket and roll over ball. Get tackled if Pulled
ATriple Motion; Run 5 yrd high looking for pitch
CLoad for PSILB
PSTOutside release to Safety
PSGHelp C with N working to BSLB to BS Safety
CTight Scoop the N
BSGTight Scoop to Gap Threat

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