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X’s & O’s: Levels Pass Play

Within college football, the Levels Pass Play is used widely by Oklahoma State and Louisville. June Jones also used it regularly at SMU. And with good reason. The concept is simple. The H and Z receivers all run “IN” routes, while the Y runs a 10-yard dig.

The QB reads the following progression:

  • 1st: Dig Route
  • 2nd: H-back
  • 3rd: Z-back

If M sits, the QB takes the Dig. If the M carries, the QB takes the first In-route.

QBProgression Dig-1st In-2nd In. If M sits take the Dig if he carries the Dig vertical take the 1st In
BCheck Swing
XCurl 14 yd
YDig 10 yd
HIn 5 yd
ZIn 5 yd

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