Just Play: Lead Zone RPO

X’s & O’s: Lead Zone RPO

Lead Zone is a great play to pair with any RPO because there is no read on the run. If you are going to run down-field RPOs, it’s very important to limit your quarterback’s reads. Two is too many. For example, if you run a Zone Read with a Slant for the RPO, it gives the quarterback two different players to read, which takes too long no matter what.

QBOpen to the RPO side you are never wrong to hand the ball. Take the RPO if the window is open.
RBZone Step then follow your lead blocker.
YLead block on the 1st LB play side
ZBlock Man on
FBlock Man on
X5 step slant
PSTBase Block
PSGBase Block
CDouble with BSG to BSLB
BSGDouble with BSG to BSLB
BSTBase Block

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

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