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X’s & O’s: Lead Draw

For nearly every offense, coaches must be able to negate a strong pass rush. Among the methods use to negate such a rush are quality rushing attack, an effective screen game and of course, draw plays. The concept behind the Lead Draw is simple. Pull aggressive defensive linemen toward you and use their aggressiveness against them, thus slipping the draw play to a tailback.

QBIf Bubble is there throw bubble. If no look bubble hand to T.
TStep call side take handoff from QB
YSell Pass protection; Block PSLB
ZStalk C for bubble
XSkinny Post
PSTBig on Big force outside rush
PSGBig on Big force outside rush
CJab-Hinge, work to 1st LB backside
BSGJab-Hinge force outside rush
BSTJab-Hinge force outside rush

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