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X’s & O’s: Inside Zone/RPO RB Swing

This is a simple numbers count for this Inside Zone/RPO RB Swing. When the running back leaves the box on the motion, if the Mike linebacker doesn’t follow him, throw it to him. If the Mike does leave, hand the ball to the other RB.

QBRead the BSLB If he stay in the box throw the swing, if he leaves the box hand the ball
RBRun inside zone track
YBlock most dangerous
FMotion to formation strength, expect the ball
ZBlock man on
XBlock man on
PSTBlock Man On
PSGBlock Man On
CDouble nose to PSLB with BSG
BSGDouble nose to PSLB with Center/ If you have a 3 tech block man on
BSTBlock Man On

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  2. Problem with this play is what happens if the S/S comes down and the S covers the swing. Better have an answer because “DOCs” are not going to let you get away with this very long.

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