Goal Line Curl Flat

X’s & O’s: Goal-Line Curl/Flat

The Curl and Flat Routes work so well together that this play has become a staple of modern offenses. The primary challenge defenders face is the Curl Route, which can be very difficult to defend without assigning two defenders to the route. The Flat Route sends a receiver quickly into the flat, forcing the underneath defender to vacate the Curl so he can cut off a potential score.

QBRoll play-side and hit Y as he pops open after he clears Z.
YShort motion. Get as tight to Z as possible to get natural pick.
ZInside release and setup up just inside the GL Get in the way of man covering Y.
TSecure Edge
PSTSecure call side gap.
PSGSecure call side gap.
CSecure call side gap.
BSGSecure call side gap.
BSTGap Hinge - Step to secure call side gap then hinge to protect from edge rusher.

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  1. Since this is down at the goal line, the defense will most likely be in man coverage, which is not the same look the curl-flat concept gets at midfield. The S already has outside leverage to take away the flat route from the Y.

    I think this would work great if there was some sort of “rub” or “pick” action from the Z against the man coverage to open up the Y into the flat.

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