Just Play: Fake Kneeldown

X’s & O’s: Fake Kneeldown For First Down

On a late September evening in 2019, the Tulane Green Wave looked set to accept their fate and take their game against Houston to overtime late in the fourth quarter. With just 18 seconds on the clock, and the score tied at 31, Tulane ran a fake kneeldown that sprung their offense for a first down, setting up what would be a 53-yard catch and run for a touchdown in the final seconds. It handed Tulane 38-31 victory and its first 3-1 start since 2003.

See the play below:

Now see how they lined up and ran the fake kneeldown.

QBHand the ball to the Z and carry out a fake option with the RB to the boundary.
RBOption track
Ztake the handoff pause and run a sweep track following lead blocker
XPause, then lead-block the first player in the alley
FDown block on DE
YClimb to SLB
PSTDouble the nose to the MLB
PSGDouble the nose to the MLB
CPull around edge looking inside out for first defender to show
BSGClimb to cut off second level player
BSTArc for first player in the backside alley

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