Just Play: Dart RPO

X’s & O’s: Dart Run Pass Option (RPO)

The quarterback’s read on the Dart RPO is fairly straightforward. If the Mike fills, the quarterback pulls the ball and throws Pop or Smoke based off the Sam’s movement. If Mike scrapes, the quarterback gives the ball to the A back.

QBMesh with A. If Mike fills, pull and throw Pop or Smoke based off Sam's movement. If Mike scrapes, give to A back.'
TJ step away from call. Soft mesh allowing the QB to be able to pull the ball. If the ball is pulled, carry out fake and get tackled.
HPop route. Release for width, anticipate ball quick as you reach 2nd level.
YBlock MDM for smoke.
ZRun smoke. Expect the ball.
PSTInside drive block End
PSGBlock back on 1st defender backside.
CBlock back on 1st defender backside.
BSGBlock back on 1st defender backside.
BSTPull for 1st ISLB call side.

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    1. If the Will blitzes then 2nd level puller will get a piece of him and hopefully create a crease. No offense should run this play if that tackle cannot move well enough to at least have a chance to execute vs a B gap blitzer.

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