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X’s & O’s: Counter Read

The simplicity of the Counter Read is one of its major strengths. The play is designed to get the defense to flow away from the action for a few steps, allowing better blocking angles for the offensive line, and more room for the running back.

QBRead E; Squeeze pull, flat footed or widens give.
BCounter foot work, get tackled if you don't get the ball.
XBlock man on.
YBlock man on.
HBlock man on.
ZBlock man on.
PSTVs 3/2 Double with PSG to first LB head up to backside of C; Vs 2i/1 work to to first LB head up to backside of C.
PSGVs 3/2 Double with PST to first LB head up to backside of C; Vs 2i/1 Block 2i/1.
CBlock back.
BSGPull and kick out E.
BSTPull and work to 1st inside PSLB.

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