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X’s & O’s: Counter Read With Bubble

Having a Counter Read in place with a Bubble on the outside of a spread formation “constrains” the number of players a defense can keep in the box.  If a defense chooses to pack the box with defenders to cover the B-back, they expose receivers on their flank. With the Y coming across the formation, this can spell disaster for undisciplined defenses.

QBE: Squeeze pull, flat footed or widens give. S: Widens Run, Flat footed or attacks LOS throw bubble
BCounter foot work, get tackled if you don't get the ball.
XBlock man on.
YShort motion across formation, into bubble.
HBlock man on.
ZBlock man on.
PSTVs 3/2 Double with PSG to first LB head up to backside of C; Vs 2i/1 work to to first LB head up to backside of C.
PSGVs 3/2 Double with PST to first LB head up to backside of C; Vs 2i/1 Block 2i/1.
CBlock back.
BSGPull and kick out E.
BSTPull and work to 1st inside PSLB.

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