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X’s & O’s: Counter Read Arc

The Counter Read Arc play is a good meld between a gap scheme and zone read scheme. It can also be paired with bubble screens or RPOs.

QBRide and decide. Run counter rack vs DE upfield hand the ball to the RB/DE chases, pull and run hash number sideline looking for 1 cut.
RBOpen to the QB expecting the ball get in hip of second puller
YArc and block the first defender in the ally
ZBlock man on possible RPO
FBlock man on possible RPO
XBlock man on
PSTOG covered double with PSG to BSLB - OG uncovered check for movement on track to BSLB
PSGCovered double with PST to BSLB - Uncovered block man A gap possible help from PST on movement
CCovered double with PSG to BSLB / Uncovered backblock
BSGPull to trap the End man on line of scrimmage
Pull for the PSLB read the kickout block on the end man on the line of scrimmage

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  1. A twist on this that we have run very successfully is to have Y run a flat. Crack with one or both of the receivers (depending on coverage) and have QB RPO throw the ball.
    Use it as a wrinkle or a way to run this if your QB isnt the most mobile.

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