Just Play: Buck Sweep Play-Action Pass

X’s & O’s: Buck Sweep Play-Action Pass Bootleg

This Play-Action Pass (PAP) Boot is a great change-up to the Buck Sweep. With both guards leading the linebacker away from the play, the drag opens up. The comeback and corner are your man-beaters and your shot just in case the secondary gets a little too aggressive in their attempts to stop the run.

QBTurn and fake hand off to T. Boot away reading Drag/Comeback/Corner/Run
TTurn fake taking hand off follow G's and get tackled
XDrag working to 10yds
YCorner break at 10 yds
HSecure edge
ZComeback 1 2 back to 10
PSTVs 3 block down; vs 1 secure B-Gap
PSGPull and secure the edge
CVs even block back; Vs odd base N; Vs bear block down
BSGPull and secure the edge
BSTSlide to gap

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