Just Play: All Slants

X’s & O’s: All Slants Concept

The All Slants concept is a great, fast-hitting quick-game play that will allow the wide receiver to gain extra yards after the catch. While not a traditional RPO, when used with a mesh point, this is a great RPO concept for gap and zone schemes, and can be mixed and matched with other pass concepts.

QBPick a side read inside out
RBBlock Quick Game Pro
Z3 Step Slant
F1-3 Step Slant
Y1-3 Step Slant
X3 Step Slant

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  1. Is is just me or do the inside slots always seam like they’re never an option?

    way too much traffic in the middle of the field to try and fit it in such a tight window with the slots.

    Seems like the hope is that the OLB’s jam/reroute just long enough to open the slant behind them…

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