X’s & O’s: 5/6 Man Combo Protection

Combo protection is a half-man, half-slide protection. The running back is accountable to check release the linebackers away from the call. If running back is free release to route his assigned linebackers become hot to the quarterback. This is a basic protection that can be used for most of the quick game and dropback passes.

RBCheck 1 and 2 away from call release to route if none come - If 5 man pro release to route called 1 and 2 become hot to QB
PSTSide Protect C Gap
PSGSide Protect B Gap
CID PSLB Side uncovered work to Protect A gap not to let anyone cross his face to the man side VS man on barrow BSLB into slide side
BSGCovered - Block Man on
Uncovered - Alert for center to barrow you into the slide side
BSTBlock Man on

Just Play - Diagram 1 Diagram 1

Just Play - Diagram 2 Diagram 2

Just Play - Diagram 3 Diagram 3

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