19 Power Read

X’s & O’s: 19 Power Read

Learn the details behind this power option run from the Gun Split Wing LT.

QBShuffle mesh to call side. Read 1st defender on LOS outside the T. Pull if read extends Give if read attacks mesh or squeezes.
1Step up and soft horizontal mesh with QB. If given, run sweep. If pulled carry out fake.
2Block PSLB.
3Block PS Safety.
ZStalk corner.
XChoice route.
LTDouble with PSG to 1st LB over the Center to backside.
LGDouble with PST to 1st LB over the Center to backside.
CBlock back on 1st defender backside.
RGPull and wrap looking block the Mike.
RTGap-Hinge vs 5. Scoop vs 4/4i.

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