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X’s & O’s: 13 Zone Triple Reverse

Like a variety of spread-to-run offenses, two-back shotgun formations have been around for some time. That said, this zone triple reverse from the Split Gun Twins Right formation is a reverse to behold if you get it done right. Check out these X’s & O’s.

QBShort step with playside foot. attack flat defender’s outside shoulder and soft toss reverse to 2.
TCarry out fake; read DE for squeeze (block up for LB to Safety) or upfield (block DE).
FSprint to gain pitch relationship with QB.
HAim 3 yards behind QB and take reverse pitch.
ZBlock CB.
XCrack the safety.
PSTZone playside then wheel.
PSGZone playside then wheel.
CZone playside then wheel.
BSGZone playside then wheel.
BSTZone playside 3 steps, then release flat to block corner.

X’s & O’s diagrams are built using Just Play, a digital playbook and player learning platform designed to help teams better prepare to win. For more football-specific content and plays from Just Play Sports Solutions, follow @JustPlayFB and join the conversation today. 

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