12 Zone Naked Z Comeback

X’s & O’s: 12 Zone Naked Z Comeback

Learn the details behind this play action pass from the Pistol Wing RT.

QBOpen away from call. Fake inside Zone. If slam flat is open hit now. Look to Comeback, check Climb last. Don't force it you can run or throw it away.
1J step, working to play side hip of the center. Carry out fake, get tackled!
2Slam Flat.
3Secure edge.
ZComeback; At 17 yards break back to SL.
XClimb; work to 15 yards vs Zone find hole vs man run away.
LTSecure gap to call side.
LGSecure gap to call side.
CSecure gap to call side.
RGSecure gap to call side.
RTSecure gap to call side.

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