Vokkero Guardian C2C System Blends Simplicity With Reliable, Affordable Communication

Coaches have simple, straightforward expectations for their headsets. They expect them to enable their staff to effectively communicate. They expect them to do that for an entire game or practice clearly and without interruption, and they don’t expect to need a degree in IT to understand how to set them up and operate them.

Now, Jeff Gough may work in the IT department at his school, but he’ll be the first to tell you that his Vokkero headsets don’t require a background in tech to configure and use. Gough is the head football coach at Hudson High School in Hudson, Ohio, and he says Vokkero’s Guardian C2C (coach-to-coach) headsets are the most intuitive headsets he’s used during his time as a coach.

Gough has used many different headsets over the course of his career, including those from some of the larger communication companies in the industry, but when it comes to finding a headset that keeps things simple for coaches – he recommends Vokkero without hesitation.

“The setup time is two minutes or three minutes. Period,” Gough says. “We’ve had boxes where it takes two people making sure we have power stations set up and the right cables connected and plugged into the right place. We’ve had systems where you have to put up antennas and use suction cups that aren’t feasible for certain venues.

“And then you have to train four or five coaches to do it. I work in the IT department at our school and if it’s not easy for me to set up, they aren’t going to get it. With Vokkero, you plug the headset in and you’re good to go.”

The instructions for getting Vokkero’s Guardian C2C System up and running are as simple as it gets. Coaches need only charge the headsets and go through a quick set up ensuring everyone is on the correct channel. Gough has separate channels for offense and defense, and the system gives him the ability to break into any channel as he sees fit, while giving him an alert if the channel he’s not speaking with has something of value to add to the conversation.

Vokkero Guardian C2C Key Features


HD audio quality

No Base Station

Durable And Compact Belt Packs

Hands-Free Capability

Up To 16 Users

900 MHz License-Free Frequency

Full Duplex

Secure Encrypted Communications

3 Channels Of Communication

Performs In All Types Of Weather Conditions

Quick Charge In Under 4 Hours

Up to 11 Hours of Battery Life

In addition to the ease of use Vokkero offers, Gough found the clarity and reliability of their headsets to be superior to some of the more expensive options he has used. Regardless of the size of stadium or other radio waves in the vicinity of Hudson’s games, Vokkero has kept Gough communicating with the other members of his staff clearly and consistently, at a cost that’s hard to beat.

“The Vokkero system doesn’t interfere with Hudl Sideline, which was a known problem,” Gough says. “The price point is right around a thousand dollars per headset, and for us, that’s right where we want to be.”

One final reason Gough and his staff chose to go with Vokkero comes down to relationships. Gough says the Vokkero staff took the time to come out to his small-town Ohio program in the dead of winter and demonstrate the features and capabilities of their system – something he had never had another headset company bother to do.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, it’s nice to know there are still companies out there who take a personal approach, and are willing to take the time to make sure coaches are comfortable. For Gough and his staff, they were impressed to see a company that doesn’t expect to sell you on their products without first earning your trust.

Don’t overpay for poor communication!



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