VICIS Launches ULTIM Soft Headgear for Flag, 7v7 Football

VICIS has announced the launch of its technologically advanced soft headgear for non-helmeted practices, 7v7 and flag football. Called the ULTIM Cap, the new headgear features a low-profile version of the same VICIS RFLX® technology found in VICIS’ top-performing ZERO1 and ZERO1 YOUTH helmets.

The ULTIM Cap offers a highly engineered, thin-walled layer designed to manage impact energy, and delivers an unlimited field of view to elevate play and enable fast reaction time.

The ULTIM Cap has been extensively tested in the VICIS SmashLab and by experts at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab on behalf of VICIS. Test results indicate that ULTIM reduces impact forces more effectively than any commonly worn soft headgear. Additionally, ULTIM is 25 percent thinner than the next best performing headgear. With better protection and lower profile, ULTIM outperforms other headgear while looking sleeker and playing faster.

As both flag and 7v7 continue to grow in popularity, so too do injury rates. While there aren’t conclusive studies with comparative data on head injury rates between 7v7/flag vs. tackle football, what is clear is that incidental contact causes head injuries, and soft headgear can help reduce impact forces from those collisions.

“We are very excited to add the ULTIM Caps as another safety measure for our athletes, especially during our off-season preparations,” said JSerra Catholic head football coach Pat Harlow. “The ULTIM Cap is going to allow us to practice at a high tempo and with the physicality we need to prepare for our toughest schedule in 2019 while still being as safe as we can in regard to head protection.”

VICIS is already taking team orders for the ULTIM Cap. Online orders for individuals are available as well.

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“With the launch of ULTIM, VICIS is proud to offer best-in-class protection for athletes playing all major forms of football,” said Dave Marver, VICIS CEO and co-founder. “VICIS is committed to the sport and driven to help parents, coaches, and athletes enjoy the benefits of the game however it is played.”

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