Inside the Headset: Aaron Pflugrad

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Northern Arizona University’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Aaron Pflugrad. Coach Pflugrad takes us through his coaching philosophy, talks about quarterback recruiting, and shares the impact his father had on his coaching journey.

Just Play - Tight End Throwback

X’s & O’s: Purdue Tight End Throwback

Here’s an outstanding bootleg tight end throwback from the great coaches at Purdue. On top of being a really well-designed play, it features fake outside zone where the running back continues on a Wheel Route. The left guard pulls for protection on the bootleg. It all adds up to a tight end delay throwback. Tough to beat when executed well.

Just Play Sports Solutions: Duo

X’s & O’s: Running The Duo At San Diego

Duo fits well in our system for multiple reasons: simple rules, all-around versatility, and the physical mindset it manifests throughout every offensive position group. Duo gives us a great opportunity to impose our will on defenses with two and sometimes three double teams on the line of scrimmage (LOS). As an offense, we take pride in dominating first-level defenders from the start. This mindset allows for 3 or 4 yards early in the game to become 7 or 8 yards as those double teams begin to take their toll.